Embrace coastal beauty... Embrace coastal beauty...

Embrace coastal beauty...


Arrabida´s beaches are both idyllic and stunning. Just half an hour south of Lisbon, you are transported into a different world. Calm waters, aqua blue water and protected seabeds create a small paradise. The small strips of beach in this area have a private feel. Access is not that easy - you will need to drive through the Arrabida mountain then walk down some steep pathways to arrive at the beaches. Even though these beaches are secluded you can still find a snack bar, a restaurant or two and even rent snorkelling and stand up paddle equipment.

Just outside the Algarve town of Lagos, Ponte da Piedade is a group of rock formations along the coast. This is such a beautiful section of natural wonders it is not to be missed. You can explore the sea caves and grottoes by boat. Sail under the famous arches and marvel at the wonderfully clear water. Each rock formation has its own name - such as Camel, the Kissing Couple and the Sphinx. Ponte da Piedade is also a wonderful place to spot wildlife. Many bird species make this headland their habitat including peregrine falcons, egrits, ravens and jackdaws.

With soft white sands, calm waters and amazing views of the Arrabida mountains, Comporta is an unspoilt gem. Escape the crowds and relax in stillness on these fine beaches. With over 18km of beach wrapping around the coast from Troia Marina all the way down past Comporta, you can enjoy such space and calmness. Within the bay you may even spot dolphins. Only one hour from Lisbon, this area has its own microclimate with mild temperatures, even in winter. Due to the calm waters there are many water sports available such as sailing, windsurfing and stand up paddle.