We are an award-winning, bespoke travel agency based in Lisbon, Portugal.

As bespoke travel designers, we thrive on creating travel itineraries for trips across Portugal. 

What is a bespoke travel designer?

A bespoke travel designer creates personalised holidays, tailor-made to suit your travel preferences.

Bespoke travel designers are different from a regular travel agent. They do not sell package holidays or only offer a booking service. They curate travel experiences, just for you. 

Why do I need one?

Firstly, using a bespoke travel designer will save you hours of time spent on researching, planning and booking your trip to Portugal. 

Secondly, our expertise and local knowledge will ensure your trip to Portugal is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Through our handpicked network, you will have access to invite-only experiences, the finest hotel rooms and unique, private visits.

Bespoke travel is the new standard for luxury.

Hayley Sercombe
Bespoke Travel Designer / Founder

"I created Classic Portugal in 2019 to share my passion of experiencing Portugal as a tourist – because I was one! Back in 2016 I moved from London to Lisbon to follow my love of surfing. Since then I have spent much time travelling around Portugal, experiencing the country in many different ways: from visiting the grand monuments of Lisbon, to hiking in the mountains with a traditional Portuguese shepherd. These days I am constantly searching for new places and new experiences in this beautiful country. I love to share what I discover with our international visitors and strive to craft bespoke travel with luxury and authenticity in mind."

Agencies - please visit our DMC Bespoke Portugal.